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Sustainable Community Education
SCE is a new idea in education that connects deeply with our interest in influencing and building up our own communities, something that has always been a part of CEIN and also more recently, is becoming an important part of the development of the global effort in sustainability education. This is something that the world really needs - the development of strong resilient communities ready to work together to meet the challenges of global warming.
The Sustainable Community Education already has broad flexibility inherent in the title, and can also be a way to introduce our communities to our other programs.  CEIN's Sustainable Community development tool is on the cutting edge in sustainable community development design. 
Pat Dupin on the CEIN Sustainable Community Tool
Every community comes up with its own identity that is singular and depends on the strength coming from the humans who make up the community. If the humans are not happy to be in a community, the community will dissolve. It is human desires, talents, skills, thinking, and behavior that create community. A sustainable community emerges from these strengths. The balance of strengths, which we call the balance of forces, comes from the interconnection and, interaction of these strengths. The importance of more accurate decision-making for example, comes from this life process. To get to a good decision we have created a simple way to have a dialogue that will result in understanding your strengths and how they work together!

At this moment,
we are developing and testing our Sustainable Community Tool in pilot programs. For more information, please, visit the
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