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Int'l Peace Education




Peace and justice go together. CEIN educators understand
the importance of dialogue for and practice of peace and
justice every day. Experience tells us that the youngest
preschool students have a sense of what is fair, and that they
also absorb prejudices based on their own experiences.
The purpose of the International Peace program workshops
and webinars is to broaden our own knowledge and practice
by sharing the many resources available from the United
Nations, Earth Charter International, and various NGOs in
areas of education for peace, for human rights and for
Members of CEIN’s International Peace Program also
develop their own strategies based on our study of value-
creating education. Our members create educational
practices based on their local context and the needs of their
students, families, and communities.
Together, we share information, resources, and experiences
from around the world. We open opportunities for students
to take action that impacts their communities on
International Day of Peace, Sept. 21; International Human
Rights Day on Dec. 10, and International Earth Day on April 22.
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