Stephanie Tansey

Stephanie Tansey

Stephanie is the Founding President (2003-2019) of Creative Educators International Network, Inc., also known as CEIN. She began building this global network of friendships in 2003, one person at a time. Her passion for dialogue as a means to achieve a peaceful, just and sustainable world drew us all together. Stephanie passes away in March 2019 but she remains with us as we work for the future we imagined together.


Here is a presentation created by U.S. CEIN Director Fatima Oliveira for Stephanie's memorial service in Washington, D.C. on April 7, 2019.

Constance Haig

Constance is currently CEIN Advisor. has been involved with CEIN since 2005.  She created CEIN's first web and wiki sites. She serves as Vice President of CEIN and Chair of the Value-Creating Garden Education Program. Constance lives Germantown, Maryland, outside of Washington, DC.

Terry Ellis

Terry Ellis

Terry is the President and concurrent Treasurer of CEIN. Terry is also the Program Chair for International Peace Education and currently serves as CEIN's Treasurer. She has been a Montessori teacher for 20 years.Terry believes have a passion for nuclear disarmament. She lives in Boca Raton, FL.




Fatima de Oliviera

Fatima is the CEIN US Director.  She joined CEIN in 2011 supervising the translation of materials for forums, conferences, board meetings, publications, and books.  She has been an ESL (English as a Second Language) teacher for the past 20 years. Fatima is also a member of the Value-Creating Garden Education Program.  She lives in Oak Island, North Carolina.

Pat Dupin

Patricia Dupin

Patricia is a psychoanalyst for human potential and a sustainability expert. She loves swimming, learning about new cultures, promoting educational activities for peace. She is the CEIN Chair of the Sustainable Community Education Program.  Patricia lives in São Paulo / Brazil.

Sergio Garcia

Sergio Garcia is an English Teacher who has taught in a public high school for many years.  He joined CEIN in August 2011 and served as CEIN’s first Secretary.  He currently serves on the CEIN Translation Team.  He is a member of the IPE (International Peace Education) Program.  Sergio lives and works in Sao Paulo, Brazil.

Lidia Wasik

Lidia Wasik is the  Brazil Region Director. She is a  Brazilian psychologist and lives in Sao Paulo, Brazil. Lidia participated in CEIN activities in Brazil, France, and Japan. In Brazil, she had the opportunity to perform work with very impressive results related to Agenda 21, Earth Charter and theory of values along with Patricia Dupin.  

Viviane da Silva Lopes

Viviane da Silva Lopes is the Brazil Region Vice Director. She has a post-graduate degree in education and taught Portuguese language from 2006 to 2009. Currently,  she is a military officer in the city of Manaus, Amazon State. She became a CEIN member in 2014 and had opportunities to participate in the activities in Japan and Costa Rica. In Brazil she works on a project called "Environmental paddling” with the aim of removing the waste from the rivers and raising the awareness of the population to keep the environment clean.  

Nitika Kariwala Agrawal 

Nitika Kariwala Agrawal is the India Region Director. She works as a Senior Educator Researcher in Mumba, India, and joined joined CEIN in 2015.  Between 2011 and 2012, she wrote her master’s of philosophy dissertation: “Value-based Institutional Self Evaluation Tool for Higher Education Institutions.” She also worked with students in a Mumbai classroom on a VCE Gardening project that provided lots of learning experiences for the students, school staff and families. This project was shared at the CEIN Costa Rica Conference in 2018. 

Michel Nader

Michel Nader is on CEIN’s Development, Innovation and Strategy Committee, sharing his expertise in technology.  He was the first director of CEIN Brazil and lives in São Paulo, Brazil.  Michel has worked in the IT field in a Systems Analyst role. He also teaches classes on Management Information Systems, IT Management, and Educational Technologies. He has been involved with CEIN since 2006 and has participated in CEIN conferences in Japan and Costa Rica. He also is a member of the International Peace Program.

Anne Pene-Annette

Anne Péné-Annette is the European Director for CEIN. She lives in Martinica island (FWI), where she teaches, Geography at the University of Antillas (Université des Antilles/FWI) after 20 years living in Paris. Anne joined CEIN and began CEIN's activities during CEIN’s visit to Brazil (August 2011).

Marcos dos Santos

Marcos dos Santos is Brazil Region Vice Director, and Curriculum Development Chair.  He has participated in CEIN activities since 2014 and attended conferences in Japan and Costa Rica.  He is a college professor in Sao Paulo, and also a journalist/researcher with a focus on human rights and human rights education.  Marcos contributes his expertise in this area through projects in the CEIN 
International Peace Program. 

Kathleen Tracy

Kathleen Tracy is CEIN Secretary and has been a member of CEIN since 2014. She currently lives in Windsor, Connecticut.  Kathleen attended the CEIN  Costa Rica conference in 2018, where she presented an interactive workshop for the International Peace Education (IPE) program. She also has been certified to create on-line programming. Kathleen is a retired school administrator who has expertise in Conflict Resolution and used Value-Creating Education pedagogy as the basis for her work at the public elementary schools where she was the principal for 13 years.   

Susan Zipp

Susan J. Zipp is CEIN’s Development Advisor, sharing her expertise on U.N. and civil society matters. She lives near San Francisco and leads a full life as a professional journalist, global activist, consultant with the United Nations and NGO leader. She has worked in affiliation with the United Nations for more than 40 years. Currently, She is a Delegate for the UN Economic and Social Council representing the NGO Association of World Citizens and works primarily as an advisor and consultant with the Communications Coordination Committee for the United Nations.