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Value-Creating Gardening

Plant seeds not bombs!

CEIN Members believe dropping nuclear bombs is the opposite of growing plants. So as Creative Gardening Educators, we want to plant seeds, not bombs. And we also want to plant the seeds of sustainability in the young people we teach.  
Gardening is a great way of promoting sustainability in our local environments. We, as humans, are a fundamental part of nature. Nature influences us profoundly. We are so deeply connected to nature and to our environment in which we were born whether an island, a mountain, or inland. It has been discovered that this birth environment determines how each of us sees the world as well as what we ultimately become. We are fundamentally connected to the natural environment that surrounds us as children. Gardening reminds us of these connections and also provides food, beauty, and sacred spaces.
Join us to work with the CEIN Creative Gardening Education Program.
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