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Chart measures the existing balance of forces in your community so you can grow sustainably.

CEIN Sustainable Community Education Tool (SCE)


Sustainable Community Education (SCE) is a new idea in education. It interconnects the interests of residents with the sustainability of their communities. Our SCE Tool stimulates members of a community to use collective intelligence to implement good solutions for both individual and social wellbeing.


We provide indicators for community stakeholders to learn from residents what they want in the sustainable community they want to build. We start by talking with community representatives about which of our 32 indicators they want to select. We then provide questions for the members of that community. Once the information comes in, the measuring tool enables the community to build the sustainable community they want.


Once the community has begun to come together, we will provide another set of indicators to assess the strengths and weaknesses of the community so changes can be made.


  • Enriched Nature Indicator
  • Measure How Leaders Support Problems
  • Help Nature and Help Families
  • Life to Life Connection
  • Greater Connection Within the Network



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