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July 2021 Newsletter

2021 CEIN Virtual Conference: Planting the Seeds

of Value-Creating Education

by Valerie "Terry" Ellis, CEIN President

Greetings to our CEIN Members and Friends!


The officers and board of directors are happy to announce that our triennual CEIN conference will take place virtually on July 23, 24, and 25. Our original plan was to meet in the Netherlands. However, given the various COVID-19 related challenges, we decided that going online was wiser and an opportunity for more people to join. There are no expenses involved to register. The CEIN Europe team has been meeting regularly to plan the conference and established the theme:


Titre : Semer les graines de l'éducation créatrice de valeurs

Title : Planting the Seeds of Value-Creating Education

Título: Semeando as sementes da educação de criação de valor


See you online!


Valerie “Terry” Ellis, CEIN president


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Other Community News

Other Community News
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