Spotlight on Value-Creating Education

My name is Fatima De Oliveira and I have been a CEIN member since 2011. CEIN is an organization created based on Mr. Tsunesaburo Makiguchi’s Value Creating Philosophy. It is a philosophy that is centered in the happiness of the individual and, therefore, can achieve happiness in the community. My first contact with Mr. Makiguchi’s ideals happened in 1991 when I met a group of educators in Brazil who were starting to study Value-Creating Philosophy to strengthen their skills and find a way to help their communities to shine.

Earth Charter Class 2018

When I joined CEIN, I found a place to keep working with Value-Creating Education in my job as an ESL teacher, as well as a member of my community. Our Forums and International Conferences have provided me the knowledge and insights to keep working to make the world a better place for me and future generations.

Beach Clean-up, September 2020

After our Conference in Costa Rica, where we connected with the University of Peace and the Earth Charter, I started to incorporate the Earth Charter principles and the SDGs in my ESL classes, and have engaged in very productive dialogues with my students. I also have been active in my community in fighting for human rights and the protection of the environment. If you share a passion for our planet and our humanity you might find yourself at home with us.

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